OpenServiceBroker for .NET 0.4.3
client and a server .NET library for the Open Service Broker API specification
OpenServiceBroker.Bindings.ServiceBindingRequest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

bool Equals (ServiceBindingRequest other)
override bool Equals (object obj)
override int GetHashCode ()


string ServiceId [getset]
 MUST be the ID of the service that is being used.
string PlanId [getset]
 MUST be the ID of the plan from the service that is being used.
JObject Parameters [getset]
 Configuration parameters for the Service Binding. Service Brokers SHOULD ensure that the client has provided valid configuration parameters and values for the operation.
JObject Context [getset]
 Contextual data under which the Service Binding is created.
string AppGuid [getset]
 GUID of an application associated with the binding to be created. If present, MUST be a non-empty string.
ServiceBindingResourceObject BindResource [getset]
 An object that contains data for Platform resources associated with the binding to be created.
- Properties inherited from OpenServiceBroker.IServicePlanReference
string ServiceId [getset]
string PlanId [getset]

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