OpenServiceBroker for .NET 0.4.3
client and a server .NET library for the Open Service Broker API specification
OpenServiceBroker.CompletableWithResult Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static TCompletable Complete< TCompletable, TResult > (this TCompletable completable, TResult? result)
 Marks an operation as already completed synchronously. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ Complete< TCompletable, TResult >()

static TCompletable OpenServiceBroker.CompletableWithResult.Complete< TCompletable, TResult > ( this TCompletable  completable,
TResult?  result 

Marks an operation as already completed synchronously.

completableThe operation to mark.
resultThe result of the operation.
completable for fluent-style use.
Type Constraints
TCompletable :ICompletableWithResult<TResult> 
TResult :class 

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