OpenServiceBroker for .NET 0.4.4
client and a server .NET library for the Open Service Broker API specification
OpenServiceBroker.Instances.ServiceInstanceEndpointBase< TServiceBindingEndpointInterface, TServiceBindingEndpoint > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for OpenServiceBroker.Instances.ServiceInstanceEndpointBase< TServiceBindingEndpointInterface, TServiceBindingEndpoint >:
OpenServiceBroker.ServiceBrokerEndpointBase OpenServiceBroker.Instances.IServiceInstanceEndpointBase< TServiceBindingEndpointInterface > TypedRest::Endpoints::EndpointBase TypedRest::Endpoints::IEndpoint

Public Member Functions

async Task< ServiceInstanceResourceFetchAsync ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TypedRest::Endpoints::EndpointBase
void SetDefaultLink (string rel, string? href)
void SetDefaultLinkTemplate (string rel, string? href)
IReadOnlyList<(Uri uri, string? title)> GetLinks (string rel)
Uri Link (string rel)
UriTemplate GetLinkTemplate (string rel)
Uri LinkTemplate (string rel, IDictionary< string, object > variables)
Uri LinkTemplate (string rel, object variables)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenServiceBroker.Instances.IServiceInstanceEndpointBase< TServiceBindingEndpointInterface >
Task< ServiceInstanceResourceFetchAsync ()
 Fetches a Service Instance. More...

Protected Member Functions

 ServiceInstanceEndpointBase (IEndpoint referrer, Uri relativeUri, bool acceptsIncomplete=false)
 Creates a new Service Instance endpoint. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OpenServiceBroker.ServiceBrokerEndpointBase
 ServiceBrokerEndpointBase (IEndpoint referrer, Uri relativeUri, bool acceptsIncomplete=false)
 Creates a new service endpoint. More...
Uri GetDeleteUri (string? serviceId, string? planId)
async Task< AsyncOperationParseDeferredResponseAsync (HttpResponseMessage response)
async Task< TDeferred > ParseDeferredResponseAsync< TComplete, TDeferred > (HttpResponseMessage response)
Task< T > FromContentAsync< T > (HttpResponseMessage message)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TypedRest::Endpoints::EndpointBase
 EndpointBase (Uri uri, HttpClient httpClient, MediaTypeFormatter serializer, IErrorHandler errorHandler, ILinkExtractor linkExtractor)
 EndpointBase (IEndpoint referrer, Uri relativeUri)
 EndpointBase (IEndpoint referrer, string relativeUri)
virtual async Task< HttpResponseMessage > HandleAsync (Func< Task< HttpResponseMessage > > request,[CallerMemberName] string caller="unknown")
Activity? StartActivity ([CallerMemberName] string caller="unknown")
virtual void HandleCapabilities (HttpResponseMessage response)
bool? IsMethodAllowed (HttpMethod method)


IIndexerEndpoint< TServiceBindingEndpointInterface > ServiceBindings [get]
- Properties inherited from TypedRest::Endpoints::IEndpoint
Uri Uri
HttpClient HttpClient
MediaTypeFormatter Serializer
IErrorHandler ErrorHandler
ILinkExtractor LinkExtractor
- Properties inherited from OpenServiceBroker.Instances.IServiceInstanceEndpointBase< TServiceBindingEndpointInterface >
IIndexerEndpoint< TServiceBindingEndpoint > ServiceBindings [get]
 Exposes bindings for this Service Instance.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from TypedRest::Endpoints::EndpointBase
static Func< IEndpoint, Uri, TEndpoint > GetConstructor ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ServiceInstanceEndpointBase()

OpenServiceBroker.Instances.ServiceInstanceEndpointBase< TServiceBindingEndpointInterface, TServiceBindingEndpoint >.ServiceInstanceEndpointBase ( IEndpoint  referrer,
Uri  relativeUri,
bool  acceptsIncomplete = false 

Creates a new Service Instance endpoint.

referrerThe endpoint used to navigate to this one.
relativeUriThe URI of this endpoint relative to the referrer 's.
acceptsIncompleteA value of true indicates that the Platform and its clients support deferred (asynchronous) Service Broker operations. If this parameter is false, and the Service Broker can only handle a request deferred (asynchronously) Errors.AsyncRequiredException is thrown.

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