OpenServiceBroker for .NET 0.4.3
client and a server .NET library for the Open Service Broker API specification
OpenServiceBroker.Instances.ServiceInstanceResource Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for OpenServiceBroker.Instances.ServiceInstanceResource:
OpenServiceBroker.Instances.ServiceInstanceBase OpenServiceBroker.IServicePlanReference

Public Member Functions

bool Equals (ServiceInstanceResource other)
override bool Equals (object obj)
override int GetHashCode ()
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override bool Equals (object obj)
override int GetHashCode ()


override string PlanId [getset]
 The ID of the Catalogs.Plan from the catalog that is associated with the Service Instance.
Uri DashboardUrl [getset]
 The URL of a web-based management user interface for the Service Instance; we refer to this as a service dashboard. The URL MUST contain enough information for the dashboard to identify the resource being accessed.
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string ServiceId [getset]
 MUST be the ID of a Catalogs.Service from the Catalogs.Catalog for this Service Broker.
abstract string PlanId [getset]
JObject Parameters [getset]
 Configuration parameters for the Service Instance. Service Brokers SHOULD ensure that the client has provided valid configuration parameters and values for the operation.
MaintenanceInfo MaintenanceInfo [getset]
 If a Service Broker provides maintenance information for a Service Plan in its Catalog, a Platform MAY provide the same maintenance information when provisioning a Service Instance. This field can be used to ensure that the end-user of a Platform is provisioning what they are expecting since maintenance information can be used to describe important information (such as the version of the operating system the Service Instance will run on). If a Service Broker's catalog has changed and new maintenance information version is available for the Service Plan being provisioned, then the Service Broker MUST reject the request with MaintenanceInfoConflictException.
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string ServiceId [getset]
string PlanId [getset]

Additional Inherited Members

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bool Equals (ServiceInstanceBase other)

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